Wadi Donc

      Wadi Donc

                                                              is the latest addition to the many WonderWall climbing sectors.

(Re?)discovered in 2013 by two audacious french bolters, the name is a pun in their native language, completely lost in translation (ask your nearest Frenchman).

The surroundings, the style of climbing, the profile of the routes, the shapes of the holds make it a very unique place at WonderWall as well as in the whole region.

The climbing takes place on sustained, slightly overhanging routes full of crimps/sloppers (no sharp rock here).

The right bank is in the shade in the morning and late afternoon, the left bank is almost always in the shade. From November to February, it is possible to climb all day long.

As in most of the places around here, rock quality does not always match our dreams. A lot of cleaning and brushing has been done but please wear a helmet (especially when belaying) and do not picnic underneath climbers.

A brush has been left under the big boulder, please use it as much as you want when lowering from your routes and do not forget to replace it there, thank you.